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  1. Atacama Desert, ChileOne recent Friday afternoon, I was asked by email what I would consider ‘fun’. Friday afternoons are frequently the place for this sort of thing as people build up to the weekend. This time I was working on something with long file load and save times and had a bit of time for reflection on the question...
    My answer came, unexpectedly, on the third file save.

    Random events can be:

    • Unexpected things like emails popping up asking for bizarre answers.Effin Cemetery, Ireland

    • Strange tipsy people in train carriages who use the roof as a bottle opener, turning the experience into an ice breaker for the entire load of cattle-truck weary sardines watching.

    • Visiting the Irish village of Effin (before Facebook came across it).

       Rubber gloves!
    • Having an elderly neighbour who found a bag of yellow rubber gloves under the stairs and washed them, hanging them to dry on her washing line, completely oblivious as to how bizarre they looked.

    • Attending, several years ago, a networking event at which only two others were present, one of whom was just setting off to cycle through the Atacama Desert. As a DIRECT result of that very conversation the wheels started to turn that have led to Tilia Publishing UK. 

    Randomness can be great fun. It can also be very fortunate.

  2. race at skara braeThis photograph was taken on a day visit to Orkney one July. It had been a complicated arrangement meeting up on Orkney, with the highlight of the day being the visit to the archaeological remains owned by Historic Scotland at Skara Brae. One of our party wasn't able to walk very far but had been the driving force behind the visit, so it was tough to reach the site and discover that it was too far for her to walk, in spite of the day being stunningly beautiful. With remarkable good grace, she sat down to wait for us to walk round.

    Thankfully, the day was saved by the presence of a mobility scooter called Bruno. On this trusty steed she was able to travel with us and enjoy access to the site, although Bruno had to wait outside the site itself. This photograph was taken on the way back to the visitor centre after a good time had been had by all. It was a race to get to the cup of tea that was to mark the end of the visit.