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If you are looking for greeting cards, we have a wide selection for you, these are unique, often quirky and/or beautiful

Particularly popular cards are our images of penguins and those of the beautiful South Downs
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Frazzled Parent

Greeting card: Frazzled Parent - a long-suffering parent wren with a beakful of food


Greeting card: Puffins - from an original painting by Diana Harding

Ala Archa Gorge

Greeting card: Ala Archa Gorge - drawn for Is No Problem as well as a greeting card

Jersey lichens

Greeting card: Lichens on the coast, Jersey - also the cover photograph for the Lichens of Jersey

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Our Books

We publish books that have photography, ecological, landscape and history subjects. We aim for them to entertain as well as share knowledge, through the telling of stories.
Two books are now also available as downloads from the Amazon Kindle store

True stories of English garden wildlife

(Also available as a Kindle book)

Learn more about lichens in Jersey and the history of their influence on world lichenology

The story of a trainee twitcher on holiday on the Isles of Scilly

Is No Problem, Simon Davey

Tour leading joys and challenges as a natural historian

Featured Books

It's Warmer Down Below: the autobiography of Sir Harold Harding, 1900-1986

The long-awaited autobiography of Sir Harold Harding, founding Chairman of the British Tunnelling Society, which celebrated 50 years in March 2021.

Sir Harold was a civil engineer and pioneer of soil mechanics, best remembered for his extensive work in tunnel engineering. He was involved in the construction of significant projects including much of the London Underground and the feasibility study that underpinned the Channel Tunnel. He also sat on the Aberfan Tribunal and advised on troubleshooting for many tunnels around the world.

This book is enriched by the sense of history and well-developed wit that was key to the author's approach to his work.

Cover image for Sophie: An Edwardian Chlldhood - little girl with teddy bears

Sophie: An Edwardian Childhood

We also have the lovely, vivid and often funny book detailing the Edwardian Childhood of Sophie Blair Leighton, daughter of the renowned artist Edmund Blair Leighton (and Amanda's beloved grandmother - wife of Sir Harold Harding). Sophie's childhood was spent in Bedford Park, Chiswick and also Kirby Green on the River Waveney in Norfolk, in the years before the First World War. While she had nannys and there were servants, many other details are also evocative of a time that seems so far ago and yet is within the connected memory of so many of us.

In an early chapter, for example, she comments on the sweeper in the road outside, who for a penny would sweep a passage across the mud and horse droppings, to make it passable for the more daintier footed pedestrian or householder. Later on come the revelations of the naughty donkey Jack who played tricks on the household whenever he could.


Launched on 19th June 2024 the long-awaited second edition of Is No Problem

Planned for a while, the second edition of Simon Davey's book on natural history tour leading has been launched in June 2024. Occasionally jaw-dropping experiences are interspersed with magical descriptions of the joy of finding beautiful and exotic natural history in countries such as Costa Rica, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and historic accounts from the days of travelling in the Soviet Union with the assistance of a bemused but brilliant Intourist guide.

Group dynamics are explored as some groups are more accommodating than others, one was memorably like the cast of an Agatha Christie novel.

This edition also has a new chapter that details Simon's earliest days as a natural history lecturer on cruise ships. All companies have their names changed to protect the innocent who may be working there now

The French team of Channel Tunnel STudy Group in the Sangatte tunnel of 1880

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