We started Tilia Publishing UK at the end of 2014. Initially supplying photographic greeting cards to shops and outlets in East and West Sussex, in September 2015 came the launch of our first book, the long-awaited It's Warmer Down Below: the autobiography of Sir Harold Harding, 1900-1986. Our subjects reflect our passions for the natural world in particular, through photography, ecology, landscape and history.

Amanda Davey

After years of using my Geography and Landscape Architecture training for clients, the chance to diversify into writing and publishing has been an exciting challenge. It offers the opportunity to be more creative and engaging with a wide number of people has been a large bonus. It does also get scary sometimes!

As well as editing It's Warmer Down Below, my grandfather’s autobiography, I am also the co-author with Simon Davey of The Lichens of Jersey, which has been selling across the world. I have also done the illustrations for Simon Davey's books Scilly Birding; Joining the Madding Crowd and Is No Problem, for Brambleby Books, some of which will soon be turned into greeting cards.

Simon Davey

Simon Davey is an associate of Tilia Publishing UK and has been a passionate ecologist since childhood. After some time as Keeper of Biology in the Hampshire County Museum Service, in 1988 he became an independent ecological consultant specialising in botany and, in particular, lichens. As a member of the British Lichen Society, he was for some time their Field Meetings Secretary and a member of their Council.

Simon is an enthusiastic communicator of natural history subjects and the author of Scilly Birding: Joining the Madding Crowd, Is No Problem and co-author with Amanda Davey of The Lichens of Jersey. He is an associate of Tilia Publishing UK.

Simon’s ‘chat-up line’ to Amanda the first day that they met was to ask if she would like to go and look at lichens in the New Forest. This has entertained their friends for a very long time!