Frequent Questions

Every now and then questions need an answer - if the answer you seek is not on this page, please do ask. We are here to help.

What is the website for?

This website is to showcase things that we sell, but also to reach out to people who have a curiosity and interest in the world around us all. We are also on social media (please see the links below)

How do you deal with new products?

Discussions of works in progress and new items is usually on the social media sites. When they are published and made available then they will be on the website. Input from friendly faces is always appreciated. We have benefited greatly from thoughts and suggestions.

Greeting cards in particular reflect a wide range of emotions in the people who choose to use them and we are always keen to include new products if they have the potential to appeal to existing and new customers. Several of our cards have been the direct result of requests made for images. If you have a burning idea for a new photograph or drawing, please do make contact

How are you managing to be plastic free?

At the moment we are still investigating the options for replacing cellophane wrappers for the cards. New stock is now not immediately bagged, so if you order a card and it comes with cellophane wrapping this will have happened some months previously. There is no point in removing the protective wrapping once on the cards, as that is still rubbish and the card is not protected! Retailers are continuing to request protective covering, which plastic-free options do not provide as yet. Biodegradable cellophone is not an option as a) it has no shelf life and b) it almost always just breaks down into little bits of plastic and remains harmful. The first line of attack is for customer cards to be cellophane free and to continue researching alternative options for retailers once the Covid-19 problems have receded. This is a constantly evolving situation and this answer will be updated as we make the changes to our ways of doing things.

Why do you charge postage?

Our postage charges are calculated by the weight of the items on the order. This means that we charge less if you purchase more than a single card or book and for this reason we do make a separate charge - slightly below cost by the way - to enable savings to be made.

For example, a greeting card will cost you £2-30 plus p&p (within the UK this is approximately £1 depending on pricing at the time). We COULD charge you £3-30 and not bother with the extra postal charge, but should you find more than a single card you would like to buy, the postal charge is not £1 extra for each card but is calculated based on the weight of the combined order. We believe that this is the fairest way to do the pricing.

Where do you get your printing done?

We make a point of all our printing taking place within the United Kingdom and where possible within 100 miles to reduce the environmental footprint. This helps promote jobs in a small way in our own print industry and help to keep the quality up, as well as caring for the environment.

Alot of businesses have charities they support, is this the same for you?

We don't tend to talk much about the charities we support, apart from those where sales make a contribution. But yes, we do support a range of different charities, a mixture of environmental, mental health and human health ones. Sales of It's Warmer Down Below contribute to the Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Civil Engineers and when we eventually publish the book in preparation on the churches of the South Downs National Park sales will contribute to three charities that support the fabric of church buildings: the Churches Conservation Trust (CCT), the Friends of Friendless Churches and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).