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  1. Background

    In this current era there appears to be a need for things to be categorised or allocated nonsensical 'rules' about what is or is not appropriate. In the greeting card industry this has taken things to an arguably daft level, where a card for the wife needs to have 'For My Wife' on it or one for the stepson similarly has to have 'For My Stepson'. It's quite normal for people in these relationships to know full well what they are to each other, so why is it SO important to find something that says it?

    In writing, apparently, you've got to be published in your 20s or else you are a freak of nature. Newspapers regularly spout gushing prose of shock and awe at anyone who publishes in their 40s for the first time. Anyone older than that, in the eyes of these not all youthful journalists, appears to be rebellious or overly ambitious.

    white cat2 smThe best writing of any sort comes from having had experiences! There should never be hard or fast rules for when you use those experiences or share them. My mother was an art teacher many years ago and her favourite saying has always been 'an artist is not a special kind of person, every person is a special kind of artist'.

  2. It was with some trepidation that I turned up at a farmyard to the east of Uckfield in East Sussex to be interviewed by the very lovely Jacqui Rushton about Freckles and Friends; true stories of garden wildlife. They say a good interviewer makes it easy for you and that is exactly how it was. Surrounded by fluffy microphones and bits of equipment it was hard to be nervous, although I did forget to breathe a couple of times. It is way easier than a roomful of people as there are fewer eyes involved!

    There were a few things that I missed out on saying and should any further opportunities come along, I shall have done more educated preparation. Experience is a valuable asset in almost everything!

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