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Atacama Desert, ChileOne recent Friday afternoon, I was asked by email what I would consider ‘fun’. Friday afternoons are frequently the place for this sort of thing as people build up to the weekend. This time I was working on something with long file load and save times and had a bit of time for reflection on the question...
My answer came, unexpectedly, on the third file save.

Random events can be:

  • Unexpected things like emails popping up asking for bizarre answers.Effin Cemetery, Ireland

  • Strange tipsy people in train carriages who use the roof as a bottle opener, turning the experience into an ice breaker for the entire load of cattle-truck weary sardines watching.

  • Visiting the Irish village of Effin (before Facebook came across it).

     Rubber gloves!
  • Having an elderly neighbour who found a bag of yellow rubber gloves under the stairs and washed them, hanging them to dry on her washing line, completely oblivious as to how bizarre they looked.

  • Attending, several years ago, a networking event at which only two others were present, one of whom was just setting off to cycle through the Atacama Desert. As a DIRECT result of that very conversation the wheels started to turn that have led to Tilia Publishing UK. 

Randomness can be great fun. It can also be very fortunate.

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  1. Lucy

    Wonderful things come from the unexpected. I was on holiday in Spain with my husband once staying in a village where only one person spoke English. We ended up going to his house for dinner and playing with remote control aeroplanes. Random, slightly risky but very fun!

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