If the site isn't doing what you hoped it might. Please let us know if you are having any issues with using this website as we are always happy to help as much as possible.  The best way to contact is via email [email protected] or alternatively 0871 226 2107 (13p per minute on standard land lines).

One particularly irritating foible of the payment system has been catching a few people out so it features here. Hopefully otherwise problems are minimal, but please do let us know.

Payment Gateway

The payments are processed using WorldPay through our webhost. All seems to go OK with putting in the details for delivery and invoicing, but when the payment window comes up there is a difference between what it says on the card and what WorldPay are asking for. 

  • Name on the card - as it is. 
  • Card number - as it is but with no spaces. 
  • Expiry date needs to have FOUR digits for the year, not the two stamped on the card. 
  • CVC is the 3-digits at the end of the number on the back of the card as usual. If the expiry date has two digits, the system appears to throw out the CVC number, which is frustrating and for which we can only apologise.

Good luck and very many thanks for using this website.